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Lovely Leo

Therapy Dog & Mental Health Education Services

Meet Leo - a docile, sweet and loving 3 year old Great Pyrenees. Leo is a certified therapy dog through Helping & Healing Paws, out of Hopkins, MN.  Leo works with his handler, Norah, to provide a variety of services to all ages with the Twin City area. Leo loves his job as a therapy dog and gets downright giddy when he gets to go to "work". When Leo is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, going for walks & very slow jogs, napping and chewing on a good bone.

The Therapy Dog Impact

Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort, affection and support in a variety of settings. They help decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve overall mood by lowering cortisol & increasing oxytocin. Sometimes just getting to see and pet a dog can greatly impact someone's mood and day. Therapy dogs are used in a variety of settings - including schools, libraries, healthcare facilities and prisons.


Leo's Services:

Service #1: Therapy Dog Visit (1 or 2 hours based on size of facility). Fee = $100 per hour. Includes a walk around the facility with time to stop & see everyone interested in seeing Leo. Participants allowed to pet & snuggle Leo. Visits to elementary schools can include students reading to Leo - Leo is a sucker for a good book! Visits can also include a general education on therapy dogs, the certification process and an obedience show & tell. 

Service #2: Mental Health Education & Awareness. (1-3 hours based on facility size & need), Fee = $150 per hour. This service mixes a therapy dog visit with psychoeducation & resources for mental health. Topics options include:  depression, anxiety, body image, self harm & suicide ideation, healthy relationships, pandemic effects & breaking the mental health stigma.  Options for small and large group participation.

Lovely Leo: Services
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